• Discovery Multiscan provides simple and flexible solutions for a wide range of mail processing, document production integrity and print quality inspection applications.
    • Discovery PQ provides all the tools necessary for continuous print, narrow web label, ticket and security print inspection.
    • Discovery Read & Print Fast, efficient in-line inkjet printing solution for reading, matching and printing variable data & barcodes onto documents, cards & labels.
    • Discovery Enterprise : Enabling job sharing while maintaining integrity management throughout your print and mailroom facility.

The Discovery platform can acquire data from a wide range of scanner and camera devices. The LIS MaxRead range of integrated Camera/ Illumination/Optics modules can be implemented alongside standard camera technology and a wide range of serial input devices such as Barcode or 2D scanners, Magnetic stripe and Chip readers etc.  
Discovery MultiScan can also take data from other manufacturers camera systems, enhancing the functionality of an existing system with the Discovery range of Integrity Tools.

In addition the recent introduction of high resolution Line Scan technology brings the Discovery suite of products into the continuous print and high speed web environments.

  • Up to 16 Camera Inputs:
    • Standard CCD, progressive scan, async reset, firewire, GigE 
  • Up to 24 Serial Input devices
    • Barcode / 2D scanners, Mag-stripe and Chip Readers, Other camera systems
  • Line Scan Cameras
    • 2, 4, 6 or 8K resolution
    • Discovery MaxScan - True 600 DPI image Resolution

MaxRead Integrated Imaging Modules

MaxRead Modules are designed to take away the mystery of imaging and illumination. Each module is designed with a specific application in mind. The MaxRead approach to imaging provides the ultimate flexibility of proven CCD camera technologies, with integrated optics and lighting, providing long-term consistency and stability. All MaxRead cameras feature fixed focus and illumination, removing the need for highly specialised operators. More importantly, each camera module utilizes the same light controller components and cables. This makes for a true hot-swappable inspection station providing the most flexibility for future inspection needs.

Standard Camera

Where specialist illumination or optics are required to achieve unusual fields of view and scanning areas, or images of glossy or reflective products, Discovery can interface with most available imaging technologies. With the constant introduction of new cameras to the market resolutions in excess of 1600pixels x 1200 pixels can be achieved, or speeds in excess of 50 images per second, giving Discovery the performance necessary for the widest range of applications.

Line Scan

The Discovery platform can support a wide range of both colour and black and white line scan camera technologies. Ideal for continuous print and web applications, a Line Scan camera can acquire an image of the entire width of a web or document without the need for camera movement between jobs. With up to 8000 pixels of horizontal resolution Line Scan allows multiple inspections to be performed providing 100%  variable data integrity and print quality.

Linear CCD Scanners (Discovery MaxScan)

Discovery Maxscan is a revolutionary new compact scanning technology that gives true 600DPI inspection resolution in full colour at web and sheet widths in excess of 900mm, whilst maintaining an ultralow mechanical profile. Discovery MaxScan is an exciting new addition to the Discovery family. Single lens line-scan cameras suffer from angular variation from the center to the edges, which makes reading variable data on wide web presses and inspecting for print defects challenging especially for high quality VDP applications and highly reflective surfaces (i.e. holograms, foils etc.). MaxScan solves this problem by using a revolutionary compact scanning technology, comprising of a series of CMOS image sensors, lens and illumination arrangement along its entire length that produces clear, uniform and sharp 600dpi image definition. These advances enable this compact unit to operate at working distance of just 12mm (1/2”) and reduces the required headroom to less than 130mm (5”), even with webs in excess of 900mm wide. 

Barcode / 2D Scanners and other serial devices

With a highly flexible serial input configurator, IntegraVision can interface with most serial reading and scanning devices such as:

  • Barcode  scanners (moving beam and fixed beam laser and LED)
  • 2D scanners.
  • Mag-Stripe Readers
  • RFID Readers

Scanners can be used in combination with cameras , providing a truly versatile and upgradeable solution.